Hi, I'm Frank.

Scroll down to see some projects I've worked on, check out my GitHub or get in touch at frank@salmick.com

Active projects

URL Tracker preview

URL Tracker, demo video

Users can create unique tracking URLs and give them to others. When a recipient of the URL clicks the link, information about their browsing session is logged before they are redirected to their final destination. Bitly links are automatically created so users will not have to give out links that start with my domain (although they can if they wish). URL Tracker features a full API with documentation for all users.

SpellSlingers preview

SpellSlingers - GitHub, Video Playthrough

SpellSlingers is a game created for the HTC Vive during an eight week internship at Foundry10 by myself and two coworkers. The game was completed and ready for sale in just under seven weeks, with the remaining time used to create visuals and other assets for the storefront.

New CivTrade preview

CivTrade 2.0

Civtrade was an online open marketplace. Posts cannot be voted on and show up in order of newest to oldest, preventing any cheating to get an offer to the top of a search. CivTrade Integrates with reddit and includes a referral system, on-site PM system and API. Made for CivCraft, a open-economy minecraft server.

MoodLog preview


MoodLog allows users to track their mood and up to four other customizable options every hour. Users can view their history graphically by hour or day and maintain a full log of their past emotions.

Commander preview

Commander, demo video

Commander allows you to send a large amount of commands to any of your computers. Commander installs in one click and runs silently unless killed through the web-based control panel.

Retired projects

Retired projects have, for one reason or another, been taken off the web.

UrbanMiles preview


Users can buy UMiles and summon a taxi at a flat rate, regardless of the taxi company's asking rate. UrbanMiles allows users to schedule pickups ahead of time to ensure the lowest end price possible. Users can ride together and split the cost evenly. Unfortuantely, I do not have the licence to open-source this project.

Learn2Dota2 preview


Learn2Dota2 allows experienced Dota 2 players to sign up as coaches at a rate they set. Coaches can set individual prices for a variety of coaching methods, and students can select from all coaches or use a coach matching system that finds the best coach based on the student's information. After a coaching session, a student can rate their coach. A higher rating results in a lower fee for the coach. If the student believes they did not receive proper coaching or the coach lied about information on their profile, they can file a dispute.